History Of The Organisation

Malancha abritty sanastha

Reg. No.- BSAHOW-121

“Everything starts from a little bud”….Like the bud, Malancha Abritty Sanstha was started form 1st January 2000 with only five students….Shreya Chowdhuary, Anirban Khanrar, Jayanta Ghosal, Abhijit Samanta and Shreya Das. The person without the Organization is nothing, is Smt. Kanika Mandal; the Secretary, Teacher, Guide….everything of the organization. She started the recitation class of Malancha Abritty Sanstha on his small house. Later, it becomes large and many students came to join with the organization. From the very earlier days till now, Malancha organize their Annual Cultural Program each year. The students participated in the program. Malancha Abritty Sanstha is not only a recitation organization but also they convey Drama, Radio drama, and Literature Practice.
                Now the organization is spreading out on a large area and many people are aware of it. They are now conveying Jiban Krishna Mondal Scholarship Examination, AnilaBhandari Smrity Rewards, Kobi Sonmelon and many more. The organization contributes more than a hundred good literature in society. Many of them are well established. Malancha Abritty Sanstha is growing very fast.

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