Thursday, 16 January 2020

মা, || Bharat Mata || Bangla Kobita || By Kanika Mandal

"I have a dream of the earth in my eyes all the time, the tricolor is my shroud whenever I die, and there is no wish in life, India is my country whenever I am born. Jai Hind Vande Mataram."

This should be everyone's spirit towards our mother, Bharat Mata. But nowadays, this internal spirit turns into only a show up in our society. We all born in our motherland grows up but we do not give any respect to her for every chance she gives. We always think of how to misuse our motherland for our own false pride. Our Mother is now really helpless.

In this situation, we should break our false pride and should try to know our mother's will. We have only a limited time in our hands for rescuing her and give her the actual place that she is willing before it is too late.

in this plot, I am trying to figure out her own desire through my mind sitting me in her own position and felt those pain.

The video will express those painful words. Hope you will feel the same. 

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