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Annual Cultural Program Of মালঞ্চ আবৃত্তি সংস্থা, 2019 || Bangla Function

Annual Function of Malancha

       The 20th Annual Cultural Program of Malancha Abritty Sanastha was organized on 16th June at Howrah Volagiri Kolamondir. The Annual Function is the biggest cultural function of Malancha. Almost every student participated in the annual function. Artists from outside also participated.  

    The program was started at 10 am. All the students and their guardians have participated in the inauguration program. The inauguration just was remarkable. 40 students and guardians were stands in a row and they all express the inauguration psalm, 'গঙ্গা স্তোত্র' and group recitation 'নির্ঝরে স্বপ্নভঙ্গ' together. The hall was pin-drop silent. A strange environment was created.

Annual Function of Malancha

     Felicitation was the next scheduled event. Guests are an important part of this Cultural Program. A program can't fulfill without them. So we felicitate them after the inauguration. Our special guests were Rabindranath Tudu, Asst. HM of Binan Primary School and Ritobrato Basu Mallick, Prof. of Drama Section, Rabindravarati University. After that, we move on to our main part.

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     The total function was conducted by Nanda Pal. He is one of the closest people to our organization. 

      Patriotic songs like 'ওই উজ্জ্বলও দিন', 'ভারতবর্ষ সূর্যের এক নাম' and 'বাংলা-সিন্ধু-নর্মদা' were sung by Papiya Kundu, Soma Ghoshal, Mitali Sinha, and Kanika Mandal. These songs made a cultural environment in the hall.

Annual Function of Malancha

     Group Recitation(Bangla kobita) was the next event.  A total of four groups were formed, two with very young students, one with young students and the rest one was with middle-aged students of Malancha Abritty Sanastha. They recited 'সহজ পাঠ' by Rabindranath Tagore, 'ঠ্যাং-ভাঙা ব্যাঙ' by Mohit Ghosh, 'রামরাবনের ছড়া' by Purnendu Potri and 'কুলি-মজুর' by Kazi Nazrul Islam.

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Annual Function of Malancha

After that, two charming chants were performed by Bikash Das. A fantastic dance performance was presented by নুপুর গোষ্ঠী. 'মনুসত্বের জয়', radio drama of Kanika Mandal was performed by Ratna Mondal, Munmun Kormokar, Mousumi Mondal, Mousumi Manna, Jaya Baral, Chytali Mukherjee, Sonali Sau, Sangita Shrestha, and Kanika Mandal. The drama was on the mortality of the person nowadays. It was just outstanding. The hall became full of claps. Everyone was very satisfied by the performance of the group.

Annual Function of Malancha

   Stage Drama 'একটি বৃদ্ধাশ্রমের ঘর', of Kanika Mandal was the next to perform. Papiya Kundu, Soma Ghosal, Anisa Karmakar, and Kanika Mandal performed the stage show. It was just fabulous. The hall was totally silent and all the attention was on the drama. The sound of claps shows the satisfaction of the audience. 

    The Cultural Program was ended with 'শ্রুতিমালিকা' folk song.

Thus the annual function was finished. The audience was fully satisfied. Hall blasts off in claps. Again, waiting for the next Annual function was started. Everyone returned home with a inner satisfaction. In this way, the function became successful.

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