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25 Years Cultural Life Of Kanika Mandal

25 Years Cultural Life Of Kanika Mandal

      I started my cultural life from 1985 when I was studied in Narasingha Dutta College in B.A in Bengali in 2nd year. Sandha Das, Subhasis Chakrabarti, and a few friends were my companions in my early cultural life. We learned recitation to Sekhar Ghosh. My next teacher was Samiran Dhang. The most interesting thing to him that he helped me to understand Rabindranath Tagore. I also started to perform radio drama after getting close to him. My next and last recitation teacher was Dinesh Manna. My singing teacher was Kamal Sadhukhan.

       I was invited many places like Sisir Mancha (Kolkata), Comunity Hall (Kolkata), Vidyasagar Book Fair (Kolkata), Howrah Book Fair, Sankraile Book Fair, Amta Recitation Festival, Saratsadan (Kolkata), Rabindrasadan (Kolkata), Bengali Academy (Kolkata), National Recitation Fair, etc. I was also rewarded from Councilor, Mayor (শ্রেষ্ঠ আবৃত্তিকারের সন্মান), etc.

   I founded মালঞ্চ আবৃত্তি সংস্থা in 2000. It is a Recitation and Radio Drama center. This Organisation arranged many cultural programs and lots of students learn recitation here. There are lots of Ex-students spreading around our society.

    I wrote many books on short stories, recitations, dramas etc. They are শুধু তোমাকেআনন্দম, মালঞ্চ, কৃষ্ণকলি and many others.

     Thus I completed my 25 years of Cultural Life with ups and downs. There are many friends, literary, companions support every hour. Without them, I will not be not here.

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     মালঞ্চ আবৃত্তি সংস্থা organized a cultural program on the 25 years of my cultural life in 2010.

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